Two Rupee Note - Part Two

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This article is organised as 3 parts series.
Part 1 - Benegal Rama Rau to S Jagannathan
Part 2 - KR Puri to Manmohan Singh
Part 3 - Amitav Ghosh to C Rangarajan

B13: K R Puri, Standing Tiger, No Inset 
Prefix: W to Y
Size: 63 x 107

B14: K R Puri, Standing Tiger, A Inset 
Insets used for the first time on the Rs 2 notes.
Prefix: A to D
Size: 63 x 107

B24: K R Puri, Aryabhata, No Inset 
A new design of Rs 2 was introduced with the Back depicting Aryabhata sattlite. For this issue onwards the governors signed both the notes, the Standing Tiger as well as Aryabhata.
Prefix: A to E
Size: 63 x 107

B25: M Narasimhan, Aryabhata, No Inset 
Only signed the Aryabhata notes and not the Standing Tiger.
Prefix: E to H
Size: 63 x 107

B15: I G Patel, Standing Tiger, A Inset 
Prefix: E to W
Size: 63 x 107

B16: I G Patel, Standing Tiger, B Inset 
Prefix: A to W
Size: 63 x 107

B17: I G Patel, Standing Tiger, C Inset 
Prefix: A to M
Size: 63 x 107

B26:  I G Patel, Aryabhata, No Inset 
Prefix: H to M
Size: 63 x 107

B27:  I G Patel, Aryabhata, No Inset 
There is multi wheel around the Ashoka emblem and water mark
Prefix: M to W
Size: 63 x 107

B28:  I G Patel, Aryabhata, A Inset 
Prefix: A to K
Size: 63 x 107

B19: Manmohan Singh, Standing Tiger, No Inset 
Prefix: M to Q
Size: 63 x 107

B18: Manmohan Singh, Standing Tiger, C Inset 
Prefix: A to W
Size: 63 x 107

B29:  Manmohan Singh, Aryabhata, A Inset 
Prefix: L to N
Size: 63 x 107

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  1. Unlike other currencies why RBI issued two types of 2 ruppee notes both Standing tiger & aryabhata series? Is there any specific reason for this?