One Rupee Note - Part Two

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This is part 2 of the Post

A11: 1957 L K Jha, C Inset:

A12: 1957 LK Jha, D Inset

A13: 1963 LK Jha, A Inset

A14: 1964 S Bhoothalingam, B Inset

Amongst the rarest of the One Rupee note in the republic India. There were quite a few interesting stores of this note. The price was around Rs 30,000 for a single note in 2011, there was a robbery of a bundle of this note, face value Rs 100, however the thieves were chased by police and finally caught.

A15: 1965 S Bhoothalingam, B Inset

A16: 1966 S Bhoothalingam, No Inset

A17: 1967 S Jagannathan, A Inset

A18: 1968 S Jagannathan, A Inset

A19: 1968, I G Patel, B Inset

Images comming Soon

A20: 1969, IG Patel, B Inset


  1. Dear Admin

    A16: 1966 S Bhoothalingam, B Inset
    should have written over there, "No Inset", instead of, "B Inset" as there is no inset shown in picture. Also your MS EXCEL file in download section shows it as, "No Inset".


    Inderpreet Singh

    1. Fixed the typo. Thanks.

  2. Dear admin

    The 1 rupee note cited in the eBay by the name of montek singh ahluwalia is that much rare or not. Please reply

    Chatender kumar singh

    1. Montek is pretty common. Quite a few on eBay are fake with fancy date.

  3. Dear admin

    I have a rarest one rupee note, signed by S.Bhoothalingam B inset.I want to sell it but I don't know it's cost and where to sell. So please guide me in this matter.

    1. Read the post on Selling coins. The indicative prices are in download tab. Use the link on top to navigate.

  4. Hello,
    Picture for A19 is missing. I have this pic. U need it?