One Rupee Note - Part One

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This is part 1 of the Post

The One rupee is now what is called the frozen series and there are no more issues of Rupee One. Its a good collectors item as one can complete the series, barring a few notes, the rest could have been collected from circulation. However if you are into the hobby now, you can get a set of 56 notes in the range of Rs 6K to 10K depending on the condition and the numbers on the note. There are some who match the last 3 digits of all the notes.

A1: 1949 KRK Menon

This is one of the rarest notes of the Republic India. An interesting fact is that initial few series of notes did not have the pin as well as there was no date on the back. The design for this one and the next issue was floral design on the back on the emblem. It was only in 1951 that the image of the rupee coin was adopted for design.

A2: 1950 K G Ambegoankar

A3: 1951 K G Ambegoankar

A4: 1951 K G Ambegoankar [Blue Ting]

A5: 1951 H M Patel, No Inset

A6: 1951 H M Patel, A Inset

A7: 1957 H M Patel, A Inset 

A8: 1957 H M Patel, A Inset  

 Title changed to Principal Secretary. This is the only time in the Rupee series that the sign of the finance secretary is changed to Principal Secretary. All other coin note have the title as Secretary.

A9: A K Roy, B Inset

A10: L K Jha, Y Inset B Prefix

Amongst one of the rare One Rupee note is the 1957, signed by LK Jha with Inset B and prefix Y.


  1. Hello ,
    First of all this article is really helpful for me as I'm an ardent coin and note collector .I'm pretty new in collecting coins / paper notes.In this section it has been mentioned the one rupee note signed by K. G. Ambegaonkar.But I checked in the RBI site and its something different .It's saying K G Ambegaonkar did not sign any bank notes.(The Url : have one rupee note signed by K. G. Ambegaonkar.My question is : is the note signed by K. G. Ambegaonkar is fake ? Please explain ..

    Thanks ,

  2. The One Rupee notes are signed by Secretary, Ministry of Finance and not the RBI Governor. KG Ambegaonkar as a Secretary signed the Rupee One notes. Subsequently he was the 3rd RBI Governor for 45 days till HV Iyengar was appointed. In his capacity as Governor he did not sign any notes.

  3. Is one rupee note really coming this year ?

  4. Well there is definitely news in newspapers ... however it does not make sense and I don't it will come, one theory its being done to boost the note market as its all time low ...

  5. I even saw a government gazetteer which gave the complete details of this note in terms of size , colour , design , finance secretary name etc .

  6. HAI




  7. It is simple. A1 is signed by KRK Menon and A2 by KG Ambegoankar

  8. I have lots of one rupee note n almost all secretary then hw can i mrasure these value

  9. Dear Admin

    Please guide if the present day fake currency detectors available in the range of few hundred bucks able to detect fake Rs.1/-, Rs. 2/- and Rs. 5/- currency notes or not? I'll really appreciate if you could please guide about detecting fake Rs.1/-, Rs. 2/- and Rs. 5/- currency notes.


    Inderpreet Singh

    1. Nope there is nothing as such available. Read the on fake currency in download section, this gives some technique...