1950 Definitive Coin Set

The first coin set issued by Republic India was in 1950. After quite a bit of deliberation, the Anna series was adopted and continued into the new year. Most coins and denominations were carried over from the British India coinage. The King’s image was replaced with that of the Ashoka Lion Capitol emblem.
This along with the Definitive issues of 1954 and 1962 are among the rare and few definitive series issued Of course there are other definitive issues in the year 2011 and a partial set in 1967, 1968 and 1970.
Being the first set of Republic India, the condition of the set has to be taken in the context of how the mints packaged. Being inexperienced, the mints packed this in ordinary cardboard by punching holes in it. And supposedly to protect coin used butter paper. Butter paper at that time was fancy. Thus finding the coin set in extremely good condition is next to impossible as however well preserved, the card board would show signs of wear and more often the butter paper would get torn off.
Most of the well preserved sets are outside of India as coin collecting was still in infancy in India during those period and collectors did not know much of storage of coins.

One can find quite a few individual coins that are slabbed to preserve and very few in the Original card board package remain intact. One can hardly see a set or two changing hands every year.

VIP Coin Set: 
Loose coins in Velvet Box
Image Credits: Todywalla Auctions

1950 Coin Set: 7 Coin Set
Coin of 1 Rupee, ½ Rupee, ¼ Rupee, 2 Anna, 1 Anna, ½ Anna and 1 Pice


  1. SO there is NO 1950 Proof set. Correct?

  2. As per my knowledge there is a Proof Set and a UNC set. The Proof set 2 Anna coin has 4 stars on the corners, the UNC does not have. There is also a difference in the finish.

  3. does any1 know the mintage of this coin sets

  4. Nope mintage of old sets are not known and the Mint does not keep any records.

  5. How to book proof set of current year.?

    1. Read http://coinsofrepublicindia.blogspot.in/2013/03/booking-coins-from-mint.html?m=1

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